Saturday, June 26, 2010

My room for the elderly

This is the overview of the room. It is a bed room. I tried to keep the colours soothing to the elderly.
This is the table and chair for the elderly if he/she wants to write somethings (like 4D, Toto etc). The lighting there has translucent material for the light to shine pass. Within those are actually light sticks and there will be a switch to determine its level of brightness. The chair is unique in the sense that it will first be quite short, so that the elderly can sit on it properly. Then if the elderly wants the chair to go higher, he/she can just pull the lever at the other side and the side will rise up. It is 4 legged as normally the elderly don't like chairs with wheels. And if there are wheels, it'll be more dangerous. When they want to lower the chair down, they just have to pull another lever and it will go down.
This is the bed designed specially for the elderly. There is a compartment to put slippers (if the elderly wears them) before the elderly goes to sleep. There are more compartments to put her things there. The rails at the side are to prevent the elderly from falling down while sleeping accidentally. They can be easily pushed down when the elderly wakes up.

This is the Cupboard for the Elderly to keep his/her stuff inside. It has four compartments, but many openings. This makes it easier for the Elderly to search through his/her things, if he/she forgot where she put her things.

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