Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

The elderly are cooped up at home and have nothing to do, but yet they are not willing to go to the community centers to take part in some of the activities and stay at home. But yet they are very bored and start to try to do some things like see what the others are doing, and making sure that I do my homework and things like that. They are really bored but have nothing to do. Is there a way to make sure that all types of the elderly (don't like to go out, likes sewing etc) can take part in at least one activity that can keep them occupied? Like for my grandmother, she like sewing using the old type of sewing machine, but there are hardly classes teaching them how to sew beautiful patterns on the blankets and bags and stuff. And even if there is, after they sew they have no where to bring it to, and it ends up at home. When there are getting more and more and we can find no one to give it away, it becomes a burden. They should have a course in the Community Club for the elderly to give all the stuff that they can make etc then they can help to give it to the needy etc.

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