Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 4

The elderly need to move around more. But when they move around they wont find anything interesting and such. So in my family, we try to bring my grandmother around more, to temples, to parks, to visit relatives etc. My cousin, age 14, comes to my house every weekend for her tuition with my brother as well to keep my grandmother accompany. Since young, my grandmother was the one who took care of her, so the bond was deeper. We kept my grandmother entertained like that. But during the weekdays, almost everyone is not at home then she'll start to get bored. But during the weekends, we try to compensate her. I personally encourage families to bring their grandparents out. Even to NTUC, Sheng Shiong etc, it means quite a lot to them. Even to temple and stuff, just sitting down and spending time with them is also good.

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  1. That's an elderly that you observed now. How different do you think that the next generation of elderly would be like? Would they be more educated?